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Let’s Give An Educational Tour to The Young Prodigies about One of The Best Short Film Festivals for Students 


In the iconic blockbuster, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, Mr. Willy Wonka gifted his immense chocolate factory to a kid named Charlie, believing the young boy was a worthy successor to the factory. The same goes for the world-famous author Christopher Paolini who had such a great talent for story writing, that right after finishing high school, he became a bestselling author, thanks to his novel “Eragon”. 

Be it fictional characters from the real life, or legendary examples in real life, it has been proven several times that when the potentials in the young individuals are nurtured and guided properly, can lead them to create remarkable masterpieces, even at a young age. And being the organizers of one of the most supportive teen film festivals, shouldn’t we at BLUEZDOLPHINSMOISFF extend our helping hands to the interested young students who have the potential and knack for filmmaking?  

Just like all it requires is a spark of fire to light up a barrel of gunpowder, similarly, all we need is a glimmer of evidence of your young, yet innovative filmmaking mindset. If you can show us that you are capable of making films at a young age, then leave it to us to assist you through our youth film festivals that will provide the necessary boost to your filmmaking desires through our online platform at BLUEZDOLPHINSMOISFF for youth film fest, and turn your dreams into reality. So, are you ready to sit on the director’s chair? 

Chapter 1: A Brief Overview of Our Goals And Principles:  

At BLUEZDOLPHINSMOISFF, we believe in providing equal opportunity to every aspirant in the world of filmmaking, to ensure that everyone gets a fair share of opportunities to exhibit their skills to compete in the high school student film festivals and rise to higher levels of success. Our juries do realize the efforts made by filmmaking students and aspiring filmmakers, and thus, they are always supportive toward their endeavors, no matter where they come from.

Since the openings, options and opportunities for filmmaking are not the same across the world, hence, we at our high school film contest, welcome aspiring filmmaking students, irrespective of their experience level or their background. Show us your skills, and we’ll show your film on our global platform. 

Chapter 2: Guidelines And Rules for Submitting Your Entries: 

The school premises instill a sense of discipline among the students, which conditions their minds to obey and act following the guidelines stated by the school authority. Believe it or not, this aforementioned quality of following rules will be very beneficial for filmmaking students, in order to create their films while keeping in mind the guidelines for the high school film contest. Without further ado, let’s have a look at the rules and regulations for the selection of films for student film contests: 

1) Only the short films that were made in or after 2016 shall be entitled for the selection.  

2) It is mandatory for the short film submissions to have English subtitles. The only exception to this rule is applicable for student short film festivals in countries having English as their official language.  

3) A maximum runtime of 20 minutes has been allotted for all short film submissions. Failure to adhere to the time limit shall make the film ineligible for the competition. But, if your film is less than 60 minutes with superb content, we would accept it for submission.

Once your film matches the above criteria and appears eligible for the short film competition for students an email shall be sent to your mail address, notifying you of its selection. 

Amidst all the elements required for filmmaking, it is nowhere mentioned that a person has to reach a certain age before entering the domain of filmmaking. Furthermore, early exposure to the competition in college student film festivals will make the filmmaker prepared from a young age to take on the film industry. 

So don’t be afraid to unfurl your wings just because you are young; accept the potential within yourself, and watch yourself rise to higher levels of success and fame by putting faith in your talent of filmmaking. Nothing will give us greater joy than assisting a student and witnessing his/her journey of rising above and becoming a true master of filmmaking! 

                                                                                           The awards by category:
                                                                       BEST STUDENT SHORT FILM
                                                                       BEST STUDENT DOCUMENTARY FILM
                                                                       BEST STUDENT ANIMATION FILM
                                                                       BEST STUDENT EXPERIMENTAL FILM

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