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Need A Platform for Your Movie? No Worries, We're Bringing One of The Best Short Film Festivals for New Filmmakers! 


There have been endless examples where even skilled filmmakers haven’t been able to depict a clear message through their film creations. Often the amount of information or narrative in the movie becomes so extensive that it gets difficult to analyze which direction the plot is going into. For example, despite having a stunning VFX team, an ensemble cast and being directed by the legendary filmmaker Christopher Nolan, his film “Tenet” failed to impress the audience and critics because of its over-complicated plot, unable to meet its expectations. 

If feature films, despite having a runtime of more than 2 hours, are unable to combine all the elements of a movie, then imagine, how difficult it is and what tremendous amount of skill it takes to create short films, ensuring all the contents are included in perfect proportion. 

Having a short but interesting plot, paired with the smart screenplay, short films are always a treat to the viewers, but a challenging task for the director. And if you are ready to take on the challenge to match the above requirements and create a spectacular short film that is good enough to be presented in famous film festivals, then we at BLUEZDOLPHINSMOISFF shall be highly delighted to support you to fulfill your dream, by assisting you to enter the world of filmmaking through one of the best film festivals for shorts. So, are you ready for your directorial debut? 


A Short Overview of Our Goals and Vision for Short Films: 

Oftentimes, there lies a wall of bricks between our dreams and the fulfillment of them into reality. For filmmaking aspirants, this wall of bricks is depicted by the lack of limelight and media attention. Being believers in giving a fair share of opportunity, our jury members are aware of the unfair reality, and we at BLUEZDOLPHINSMOISFF, one of the best film festivals for short films strongly support providing a fighting chance to every budding filmmaker in the world. 

To craft films for the best short film festivals to enter, the only thing that matters is the talent to put it all together and present it skillfully, within a much lesser time frame. If you possess the above-mentioned talent, then no matter where you come from, or whether you are a new filmmaker or not, we shall provide our utmost assistance, and shall ensure that your film gets the necessary platform and limelight through the short film contests.


A Few Guidelines on Short Film Submissions:       

Short films are a crucial part of the global film industry which showcases the skill of a filmmaker within a limited time frame. As a result, a list of rules is also imposed, to ensure that the short films meet the parameters to be qualified for independent short film festivals. Just like Christian Bale stated in “The Dark Knight”, we would not want to make things super easy, would we? So, the following are the criteria for your short film to get selected at our festival at BLUEZDOLPHINSMOISFF:

1) The short films being made cannot be older than the movies made in 2016. 

2) All the submissions for short film entries must have English subtitles. Film submissions for countries where English is the official language shall be exempted from this rule. 

3) A time frame of less than 120 minutes has been specified to submit short films. Exceeding the mentioned time limit shall lead to the film getting disqualified. Nevertheless, we would still accept your short film if it’s below 60 minutes with top-notch content.

Once your film matches the eligibility criteria for the short film festival, you will be notified about its selection, via mail.    

The short film “Ahalya” showed what it takes to keep the audience on the edge of their seats throughout the film, despite having a runtime of 14 minutes only. A filmmaker who can create perfectly balanced short films will be ready to walk through the door of filmmaking, as they have mastered one of the most important skills of filmmaking: time management. 

All we require at BLUEZDOLPHINSMOISFF is proof that you have the power to deliver an unforgettable film within limited screen timing, and be sure that your short film will be viewed and admired by movie lovers across the world, as we exhibit your masterpiece in one of the best short film festivals for first time filmmakers.  


​                                                                                The awards by category:

                                                               BEST SHORT FILM
                                                               BEST SHORT DRAMA FILM
                                                               BEST SHORT COMEDY FILM
                                                               BEST SHORT THRILLER FILM
                                                               BEST SHORT FILM NOIR FILM
                                                               BEST SHORT MYSTERY FILM
                                                               BEST SHORT ACTION FILM
                                                               BEST SHORT CRIME FILM
                                                               BEST SHORT FANTASY FILM
                                                               BEST SHORT HORROR FILM
                                                               BEST SHORT SCI-FI FILM
                                                               BEST SHORT CHILDREN FILM
                                                               BEST SHORT LGBTQ FILM

                                                                Additional categories
                                                               BEST PRODUCER
                                                               BEST DIRECTOR (FEMALE)
                                                               BEST DIRECTOR (MALE)
                                                               BEST FIRST TIME DIRECTOR (FEMALE)
                                                               BEST FIRST TIME DIRECTOR (MALE)
                                                               BEST STUDENT DIRECTOR (FEMALE)
                                                               BEST STUDENT DIRECTOR (MALE)
                                                               BEST YOUNG FILMMAKER (FEMALE) Age limit below 20 years
                                                               BEST YOUNG FILMMAKER (MALE) Age limit below 20 years
                                                               BEST ACTRESS
                                                               BEST ACTOR
                                                               BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY
                                                               BEST EDITING
                                                               BEST PRODUCTION DESIGN
                                                               BEST SOUND DESIGN
                                                               BEST ORIGINAL SCORE
                                                               BEST ORIGINAL SONG
                                                               BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY
                                                               BEST ADAPTED SCREENPLAY
                                                               BEST SCREENWRITING
                                                               BEST SPECIAL MAKEUP

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