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An Extensive Overview of How to Get Your Short Film Noticed Through Our Services  

Imagine if Justin Bieber’s song had not been heard by the former marketing executive of a recording studio, could he have risen to his present levels of fame and glory? Similarly, if Daniel Radcliffe was not discovered by the director of the first Harry Potter movie, would he have become the huge celebrity that he is now? 

Honestly, we can never get the answers to the above questions, but one thing is for sure: Getting proper spotlight at the perfect timing does help a lot in paving the way for future accomplishments. Be it participating in contests like “MasterChef” and “So you think you can dance”, or getting noticed by talent scouts or in a Hollywood short film festival, the aforementioned fact of having a career boost through proper exposure, is applicable in all domains across the world. 

Since there exist hundreds and thousands of budding filmmakers, hoping to get one shot to prove their skills of filmmaking, we at BLUEZDOLPHINSMOISFF bring before you our vast array of services, customized for all filmmakers across the world, having varying skill sets, creating films of different genres.  

An Overview of The Film Categories We Shall be Exhibiting in Our Film Festivals: 

1) All types of short films: Short films of different themes and genres. 

2) Music videos: Videos where songs or musical melodies are captured in a visually attractive format. 

3) Documentary films: Films that are based on real-life factual information of the world. 

4) Animation films: Films portraying a story or a message with the aid of animation technology. 

5) Experimental films: Films that break the stereotypes of different subjects of filmmaking and create movies that are one of a kind. 

6) Student short films: Short films made by students who possess strong potentials of filmmaking from a young age itself. 

7) Web series: Creating a storyline conveyed through a series of well-directed episodes. 

8) Trailers and teasers: Showcasing editing and filmmaking effects to give the best first-look experience of watching a preview of a film. 

9) LA web series: Web series presentations to be viewed exclusively in Los Angeles. 

10) LA short films: Short films to be viewed exclusively in Los Angeles. 

11) LA animation films: Animated films to be viewed exclusively in Los Angeles.

12) Mobile films: Cinema on wheels. Short-length movies filmed on smartphones to discover and support young filmmaking talents.  

A Quick Glance at The Instructions to Ensure Your Film is Qualified for The Spotlight: 

Thus, if you’re considering how to get your short film noticed, the following are the rules & conditions to keep in mind:

A) Every film category has been assigned a time limit which is crucial to make the film eligible to be exhibited on our global platform – BLUEZDOLPHINSMOISFF. 

B) Only the films that are made in the year 2016 or after that shall be qualified for the film contests. 

C) Unless the country where the movies are being viewed has English as its primary language, it is mandatory to add English subtitles to all the film submissions.  

D) Although each film category has a specific time limit, those with first-rate content and less than 60 minutes would be eligible to qualify for submission for film festivals.

Email notification shall be sent to your mailing address, once your film submission qualifies to be viewed in the film festivals. 

One of the best-selling rappers of all time, Eminem had once stated that if we get one shot to get everything we want in our life, it’s better to seize the opportunity than let it slip away. Similarly, it is always a wise decision to take advantage of the right set of circumstances for solidifying the path that transforms your dreams into reality. 

It would certainly be a matter of great honor for us at BLUEZDOLPHINSMOISFF, to provide wings to your ambition of filmmaking through our assortment of services and short film contests, and to witness your flight toward higher epitomes of success, glory and accomplishments in the domain of filmmaking!

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