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Let’s Have A Look at One of The Best Online Web Series Festivals in 2022! 

From “Money Heist” to “Sherlock” to “Breaking Bad” from depicting fictional characters to portraying real-life incidents, with the emergence of OTT platform and the economic feasibility of the internet, the world of visual entertainment is no longer defined by TV soaps and cinemas; it has spread its wings further and has expanded its domain by adding web series. 

From the traditional concepts of filmmaking to the styles of creating documentaries, web series gives its creator the flexibility to experiment with all the above traits, and therefore, has now gained an immense fan following and has received praises across the world. And if you possess the skill of converting your idea into a web series, then what are you waiting for? Show us your skill at BLUEZDOLPHINSMOISFF, and we will make sure to provide the proper platform for your creation, through our Web Series festival global.   

A Quick Look at Our Ideology:   

Giving equal chances to every filmmaking aspirant constitutes one of our core policies at BLUEZDOLPHINSMOISFF, i.e., to make sure that everyone gets an equal set of opportunities to showcase in our web fest and let their amazing web serials compete in several online web series festivals, including our LA web fest and rise to higher levels of fame and success. 

Not all areas of the world have the same exposure to film industries; therefore, not all sectors of the world have adequate filmmaking opportunities. Thus, at BLUEZDOLPHINSMOISFF, our web series competition and juries makes sure that no matter which country or background the filmmakers come from, they all shall be given a fair chance at the competition and shall be judged solely on their filmmaking skills.    

Rules and Regulations for Entry Submission:  

Just like every film submission needs to go through certain guidelines and appear eligible, the same applies for web series as well. To ensure a sense of uniformity among all, it is crucial for every participant to obey all rules and regulations. As the web series filmmakers aim to create all for one web series, hence, the terms and conditions that are crucial to approve a web series for the online web series festivals must also be the same for all. Following are the set of guidelines and rules for submission of web series at BLUEZDOLPHINSMOISFF: 

  • The web series that was made in or after 2016 shall be the only ones eligible for the online web series festivals.   

  • All the web series entries must have English subtitles. This rule is not applicable for online web series festivals in countries having English as their official language.   

  • A maximum time limit of 20 minutes has been allotted for all web series submissions. Incompetence to stick to the runtime shall make the film ineligible for the competition and will lead to disqualification. 

Once your web series fulfills the above rules and clears the eligibility criteria for the web series to be viewed in our web series site, you shall be notified of the selection web series, via mail.  

With the increasing popularity of web series platforms, gradually novel adaptations and documentaries are also preferring to have their content displayed in an episodic manner. The emergence of miniseries, multiple seasons of a web series has empowered this particular genre to make its own mark and have its appeal acknowledged by viewers across the world. Hence, creating a good-quality web series is no less than finding a goldmine. So let go of fears and put faith in the talent in yourself, and watch yourself rise to unimaginable fame, as you showcase your capabilities of making web series. At BLUEZDOLPHINSMOISFF, let us shake hands for a wonderful collaboration between the web series director and global platform organizers. Let’s design the future of filmmaking together!


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