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As stated by the legendary comedian-actor Robin Williams in the film, "Dead Poets Society," we must pursue our professions in our workplace and must strive to excel in our career, but it is things like poetry, movies and most importantly – music, that make life worth living for!

The above-mentioned issue might have been a major hindrance to budding composers in the past, but not anymore. For we have created the music video category - that will act as a bridge between the symphonists and the global fan base of music lovers.  

We are looking for the genre of music festival movies and we accept music videos of all sorts. We are named the International Music Video Festival.

  •  International means, we accept videos from everywhere.

  •  Music means, we love music.

  •  Video means, you shall have full freedom in editing and blending image sequences with music.

  •  Festival means, we know your value for money and encourage pursuing your dreams.

We are looking for innovative ideas and passionate artists, not only large-scale productions. It also means that we are approachable. Moreover, we also select newcomer artists, and artists signed with labels and record companies. Since we do not want to exclude people from the path of success, we want to extend our hand of support, whenever they need us. The only thing is: your music video has to be artistic, inspiring, well-executed, visual and creative...if you feel your music video contains the mentioned requirements, and then just give us what you have.

Before Your Music Makes Its Way to Our Hearts, How to Make Its Way to Our Music Video Short Film Festival?   

A) The music video goes through a lot of stages such as composure, subtitling, recording and editing before finalizing the masterpiece. Quite similarly, to reach the ultimate destination of the Bluez Dolphins Monthly Online International Short Film Fest as well as LA music video festival based on our focus city Los Angeles, there are certain regulations and procedures which must be followed, and this we describe as the rules-terms page (page link). Please note that we accept a music video with maximum length of less than 6 minutes but we value your content, if your content have potential we also accept above 6 minutes.

B) We highly value the amount of time you dedicate to judging the perfection of your craft of composure and creating music videos. However, since interested applications from all corners of the world will be partaking in this independent music video contest and short film contests, hence, being the organizing party of the music video film festival, we too have some deadlines to maintain. Hence, please make sure to complete the submission process within the notified time period for the submission of short film music videos. 

What's Next after Getting the Green Signal for Your Music Video Submission?  

Once the submitted music video is selected for the film festival, you would be informed about it through a confirmation mail. 

Additionally, we have more to offer. Another section of our festival: the music video competition is exclusively focused on music videos,  musical band videos, animated music videos, and other special stuffs made of musical film festival. We select independent music video or music videos, musical documentaries and music video shorts films from all over the world.

Unlike Led Zeppelin, we cannot provide you "Stairway to Heaven", but we being considered as one of the upcoming best music video festivals worldwide, we can promote your music video teaser on our social pages if you provide us your teaser also our festival jury's judge your musical talent and giving you the necessary encourage to pursue your dream of creating contemporary music videos. Do not give up on your dreams, and we will be there for you, watching proudly as you rise and transform your dreams into reality! 

 ​                                                                                            The awards by category:
                                                                        BEST MUSIC VIDEO

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