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An Overview of The International Mobile Film Festival 2022 

If you have a camera, a video recorder, a microphone and an audio recorder, you pretty much have all the elements needed to create a film, isn’t it? What’s even more interesting is that we carry all these elements in a device that is used by almost every individual across the world i.e., mobile phones. When your dreams of filmmaking are sky-high, and you have the tools to accomplish them on your mobile phone, then all you need to do is to put on the director's hat, and create your own film, and let the world witness your talent of filmmaking. 

Since the accessibility to mobile phones has given every filmmaker a golden opportunity to create their films on their phone, it has also led to mobile film festivals where aspirants can submit their film entries, to compete and claim the title of mobile film festival winner. 

We at BLUEZDOLPHINSMOISFF, therefore, have organized film festivals for different mobile categories, ranging from iPhone film festivals to the smartphone film festival. If you possess the skill of capturing and directing a film with the help of your phone, and if you wish to display your film to the vast community of movie-lovers across the world, then it will be a great pleasure for us to have your movies mobile displayed in our mobile film festivals. So, ready for lights, camera, action?

Let’s Have A Look At Our Objectives:    

Be it making a one minutes movie for the 1 minute film festival, or making a feature-length film, the sole parameters of fair judgment and equal opportunities must be applicable in all cases. At BLUEZDOLPHINSMOISFF, one of our primary objectives is to give equal opportunity to every aspiring filmmaker. No matter which city the aspirant comes from, no matter how much experience they have had in the domain of filmmaking, all we ask for, is proof that they can create movies in mobile, and we will make sure that every applicant gets an equivalent opportunity of representing their filmmaking talent through their short film on iPhone.


Instructions for Film Submission:   

Be it directing a movie with a professional team or filming a movie on an iPhone, every film must adhere to certain rules and guidelines, which are required to ensure that the film is ready to meet certain standards and parameters. Hence, for mobile film festival at BLUEZDOLPHINSMOISFF, the guidelines are mentioned below:    

  • Every movie made with iPhone shall be eligible for the mobile film festival, only when they are made in or after 2016. 

  • For all the movies made with iPhone, it is mandatory to have English subtitles. The only exception to this rule applies to mobile film festivals in countries having English as their official language.    

  • For every movie made on iPhone, a runtime of 20-30 minutes has been fixed. Inability to abide by the time limit for the films shot on iPhone contest 2022 shall make the film disqualified for the competition and will lead to the film being eliminated. 

Once movies filmed with iPhone meet the above guidelines and match the eligibility criteria set for iPhone movie making, the filmmakers will be notified of the selection, via email.   

It is said that a person who is able to perform small tasks with great precision, shall succeed in excelling in performing bigger works as well. Similarly, a person who can be successful in making a short film with iPhone, shall have no difficulty working on film projects on a larger scale as well. So, get ready to embark on your journey of filmmaking, as we at BLUEZDOLPHINSMOISFF display your mobile film creations on our global platform, and spread your wings of talent, as you reach higher levels of fame and success! 

                                                                                     The awards by category:

                                                                  BEST MOBILE SHORT FILM

                                                                  BEST MOBILE DOCUMENTARY FILM

                                                                  BEST MOBILE EXPERIMENTAL FILM
                                                                  BEST MOBILE MUSIC VIDEO

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