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Let’s Have A Look at The BLUEZ DOLPHINS LA FEST: A Platform That Welcomes Filmmakers With Open Arms

From the blockbuster “Fast and Furious” to one of the most highly critically acclaimed films of modern time – “La La Land” – the land of Los Angeles has always had quite a reputation in the film industry, making it one of the most sought-after places for filmmaking and for hosting award ceremonies. This is why, for hosting film festivals and exhibiting the creations of budding filmmakers across the world, the city of Los Angeles seems to be the perfect spot, and we, the team BLUEZDOLPHINSMOISFF proudly present before you our LA Fest 2022. 

Our team and our jury members aim to host this film festival as a platform for every filmmaking aspirant, where we aim to provide the necessary assistance to make their film viewed in one of the most film-oriented cities in the world. All we ask for is proof of your talent in filmmaking, and rest assured, you will have our global platform of the film festival at your disposal, to screen your film to viewers across the world.    

The Goals and Objectives of The BLUEZDOLPHINS LA FEST:   

Our jury members at believe in the core principle of providing a fighting chance to every budding filmmaker who wishes to excel in the sector of filmmaking. At BLUEZDOLPHINSMOISFF, we believe that no matter how much experience the filmmaking aspirants have, or how much exposure they have had in their lives, for every aspirant who submits his/her film content to be shown in our LA festival, we believe that it is our responsibility to make sure that every application is given an equal chance to participate and to compete and shall be judged, solely based on their merit.    

Mandatory Guidelines that Must be Followed During Entry Submissions:  

Be it the film festival or be it the LA festival music, in order to make sure that your film is eligible to be exhibited on any global platform, the film must comply with certain rules and regulations. The same goes for BLUEZDOLPHINSMOISFF and our Los Angeles film festival as well; hence the formalities are mentioned below:  

  • In order to be eligible, the films must be made in or after 2016.  

  • Apart from countries having English as their official language, it is compulsory for all the film entries to have English subtitles. Incompetency to adhere to the rules shall lead to the elimination of the film entries. 

  • The runtime of the short film must not exceed 20-30 minutes; this time limit has been allotted for all short film submissions for the film festivals, and it is mandatory to stick to the time limit to ensure the film is eligible for the LA film festival.      

Once your film fulfills the eligibility criteria and is ready to be exhibited at the global platform of the film festival, an email notification shall be sent to you, informing you of the selection of your film. 

In every profession, along with sheer talent and hard work, it also needs the proper exposure and spotlight to make your work visible, to be noticed and to be acknowledged. We believe that when it comes to grabbing the limelight of the film industry, Los Angeles will be the ideal place to showcase your filmmaking talent. So, get ready to turn your dreams into reality as we work together in assisting your filmmaking ambitions through the global platform of Bluezdolphins film festival, so that you and your films keep rising to higher levels of fame and recognition, and keep achieving greater levels of success. Ready, steady, go!


                                                                                     The awards by category:
                                                                  BEST LA FEST SHORT FILM
                                                                  BEST LA FEST DOCUMENTARY FILM

                                                                  BEST LA FEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM
​                                                                  BEST LA FEST MUSIC VIDEO


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