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An Overview of The International Independent Short Film Festival 2022 

BLUEZ Dolphins Monthly Online International Short Film Fest is particularly looking for independent projects of all genres, from all countries, especially those traditionally underrepresented in the global film industry.

We feature, as part of an indie production promotion campaign, all submitted projects on the BLUEZDOLPHINSMOISFF site and social media (still project poster, images,trailer).The submitter can decline any public highlight, as long as BLUEZDOLPHINSMOISFF is notified, while keeping his/her project(s) under consideration.


What is an indie short?

Whether it's a feature film or short, independent films are produced and released outside the major studio system, produced and distributed by independent entertainment companies or, in some cases, distributed by major studios.

Why are indie films better?

Studios get original films, and independent storytellers get publicity.The quality of independently produced films is not guaranteed to be higher than that of corporate films, but they have the advantage of a fresh perspective.

     The awards by category:

                                                                          BEST INDIE SHORT FILM

                                                                          BEST INDIE DOCUMENTARY FILM

                                                                          BEST INDIE EXPERIMENTAL FILM

                                                                          BEST INDIE MUSIC VIDEO

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