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A Factual Overview Of One Of The Best Documentary Short Film Festivals You’ll Ever Witness!    

Almost every person in this world can remember several feature films, animated movies, sports drama films and TV shows; however, the same does not apply to the lesser-known, yet the more informative world of documentary filmmaking. However, although documentary films are usually unheard of, how is it that films like “Michael Jackson’s This is it” have become legendary, and have outshone the popularity of feature films as well? How did documentary films such as “Apollo 11” receive global praise from critics, and were viewed by millions of viewers across the world? What is the secret that makes some documentaries unforgettable, while others get lost in the crowd of factual films?  

If you have the answer to the above questions, if you have got what it takes to make a documentary film and if your film has the potential to create a spectacular impression in the minds of the viewers, then we at BLUEZDOLPHINSMOISFF assure to provide you with the necessary global platform, through one of the best documentary film festivals, that will fulfill your dreams of your documentary being viewed by a much wider group of audience. Being regarded as one of the biggest documentary film festival, at BLUEZDOLPHINSMOISFF, we aim to bring the finest documentaries to be exhibited in the festival, to provide the necessary spotlight to your hard work, and the recognition that your work deserves. 


What are We Looking for? 

BLUEZDOLPHINSMOISFF, a platform of documentaries film festivals is available to all interested filmmakers across the world. What we seek, is the effort of compiling factual information into a documentary, and the creativity to present it memorably; making the film informative, yet entertaining – a worthy selection to be showcased in one of the best film festivals for documentaries. As several filmmaking aspirants also have quite a filmmaking talent, therefore, newcomer film directors are also eligible to submit their films for the documentary films festival.  

Before Conveying Information Through Your Documentary, Let Us Provide The Information about Submission Rules    

To retain the glory and honor of organizing an international documentary film festival, we adhere to certain rules and guidelines which need to be followed by every applicant:

A) In order to be eligible, the documentary films need to be made in the year 2016, or after that, i.e., films made before 2016 shall not qualify for the film festival. 

B) A common feature that is present in almost every famous documentary is the fact that the context and the information related to it are all conveyed within a fixed time. Ensuring the message of the film is being portrayed within the time limit, is also a quality found among the best documentary filmmakers. To make sure such practices are followed during the filmmaking process of the documentary, at BLUEZDOLPHINSMOISFF, we have imposed a maximum time limit of 20 minutes for all documentary film entries. The director must pay special attention to finalize the duration of the movie to be less than or equal to 20 minutes. However, if the content is good, then we also accept documentaries with a time limit below 60 minutes.

Once the submitted entry of your documentary movie is shortlisted and selected for the BLUEZDOLPHINSMOISFF documentary films festival, you would be notified about the good news, via mail. After that, be prepared as your film gets its opening, along with that of other applications, aspiring to become BLUEZDOLPHINSMOISFF best top documentary directors.   

It requires a special vision to create a visual presentation about the important issues and happenings around us, and to gather all the relevant information about the subject, so that the viewers can gain the knowledge about the topic, and awaken the insight of the audience, about the real-life happenings. 

Who could have thought the goals of documentaries were so different from those of feature films? This world will always need top documentary films, not for entertaining the audience, but for their contribution to society and to generate awareness about important, realistic issues, and when your innovative ideas of documentary filmmaking are paired with our platform at BLUEZDOLPHINSMOISFF, it will surely pave the way to your rise to prominence and your work gaining recognition as a famous documentary! 

​                                                                                             The awards by category:

                                                                        BEST DOCUMENTARY FILM

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